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Virtual Gatecrash Musician

Engage your guests virtually with our zoom gatecrash experience!
One or more of our surprise singers will enter your zoom call accidentally, apologise profusely and insist on singing a custom song
They will then launch into a hilarious medley of songs, with lyrics changed to be all about your company, industry, and members of your team
Various line ups are available for your zoom or online platform intrusion and they will work closely with you to create the perfect personalisations
A fun and unique way to engage your guests at your corporate online party, virtual corporate conference or private online party

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1. What will be involved in the zoom gatecrash?

One of our likeable musicians will ‘accidentally’ enter your online meeting, instead of their online rehearsal. You’ll tell them they’ve crashed a call and they will apologise, and offer to sing you a quick song to apologise as it's the least they can do.

The musicians will launch into a hilarious medley of songs, tailoring the songs to be all about your company, industry, and members of your team! 

2. How long will the performance be?

The performance will be approximately 10 minutes in length but our musicians are happy to discuss a longer or shorter set.

3. How long will it take to create the personalised set?

The musicians will need approx. 2 weeks to create a tailored medley just for you.

4. How many performers can be involved?

We can include 1 to 3 musicians in the gatecrash.

5. Can they offer anything else?

Yes! Our musicians can also film the performance with an HD camera, edit a video and send it out to you after the performance as a keepsake of the occasion!

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