Sisi Food Sculptor - Virtual Gingerbread Workshop

Virtual Gingerbread Workshop

Create your own Christmas gingerbread display with this fun and interactive virtual festive workshop!
Available as a live-streamed workshop or as a pre-recorded tutorial and all-inclusive with kits being sent out prior to your virtual event
Online workshops for all levels, choose from cookie decorating, a simple gingerbread house or a gingerbread house plus Santa, a sleigh and reindeer
Customisation options are available such as incorporating a client logo onto the kits and delivering an on-screen personalised message
The ideal virtual festive entertainment option for your online corporate team building event or online Zoom Christmas Party

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1. What does the workshop involve?

Your gingerbread workshop will begin with an introduction into what the workshop will involve and what the guests will require. The tutor will then go onto provide a step by step guide on how to assemble the gingerbread house whilst answering any questions the audience may have. The guests will then be shown how to use royal icing for decoration and a couple of unique ways they could decorate the gingerbread house. By the end of the workshop, your guests will have created a beautiful festive gingerbread treat to eat or leave as a Christmas decoration.

2. How long is the workshop?

The festive workshop will be 30 minutes long.

3. Can the workshop be live-streamed or pre-recorded?

The show will be live-streamed on a virtual platform. If you require a pre-recorded video this can be discussed.

4. Is the live stream show interactive?

Our artist is happy to answer any questions the participants may have when creating their festive treats.

5. How many guests can join in? 

The ideal amount of participants is 20 so our artist can answer any questions in the given timeframe. If you would like to add in any more participants this can be discussed. 

6. Can the workshop be customised?

Yes, our tutor can incorporate your company logo into the background and she is open to discussing other customisation ideas.

7. What platforms are best for the workshop?

The workshop works well on either Zoom or Google Meets.

8. What workshops are available?

There are 3 workshops available for different abilities including the following:

- Gingerbread Cookie Workshop with 6 cookies

- Gingerbread House Workshop

- Gingerbread House Workshop including Santa, Santa' sleigh, trees and some reindeer

9. Will the participants need anything to complete the workshop? 

Yes, the guests will require a gingerbread kit. The kit will depend on which workshop you choose and can be ordered through us.

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