DJ Wildflower - Virtual DJ

Virtual VIP DJane

Get your guests up and dancing instantly with our highly experienced virtual DJane
Performs a vast repertoire and can upscale the performance to include other musicians for a virtual DJ live experience
Customisation options available such as different backgrounds and costumes to suit certain themes and brand colours
The female DJ will interact with the guests and is happy to take requests on the live stream and before
Ideal upbeat entertainment option for zoom parties, virtual corporate events and online private events

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1. What will the performance involve?

Our virtual DJ will provide a high energy party set filmed and streamed by a professional videographer from her studio. She is happy to work with you and tailor the performance to your requirements and create the perfect show for you and your guests.

2. Will the live-stream be interactive?

Yes, our virtual DJ will interact with the guests, make them laugh and take for song requests.

3. How long will the live-stream be?

Our online DJ's live-stream performance can be from 15 minutes to 3 hours and is happy to tailor the length to your requirements. 

4. Can the show be pre-recorded

Yes, if your audience would prefer a pre-recorded video this is possible however the interaction levels will be limited.

5. Can the show be customised?

Yes, our DJ is happy to work with you and discuss customisation options such as incorporating brand colours, a themed background and personalised messages.

6. What themes are available?  

Themes to choose from include: 70s, 80s, 90s, RnB, Rock n Roll, Disco, Halloween, Family Friendly, Christmas, Simply the best and Ultimate Dancefloor. Our Dj is happy to discuss any other themes you might like.



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