Teatro Pavana - Giraffes

Walk Around Giraffes

Statuesque & tranquil, the life-like giraffes interact with the audience
Spectators of all ages will be surprised by their impressive appearance
The comedy show involves a animal trainer trying to tame a Giraffe
Can be accompanied by music from a percussionist
Based in Amsterdam & available to perform at events worldwide

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Branches creak; the leaves are rustling; there are noises in the bushes… suddenly there are huge giraffes right in front of you! Statuesque and tranquil, they stride on, bending their elegant necks from time to time in order to nibble on a leaf, or to greet one of the spectators. Giraffes are friendly and peaceable, but watch out! Remember they are wild animals…

A small clownish performance; an animal trainer tries with much fuss, to tame a Giraffe but maybe his expectations are too high strung. The show is accompanied by music from a percussionist. This mini performance, which at times evokes a nostalgic atmosphere, is about twenty minutes long.


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