Teatro Pavana - Hippo

Walkabout Animal: Hippo

Sweet giant walkabout animal character with a friendly personality and a kind heart captivates both children and animal lovers
Popular mix and mingle entertainment for both indoor and outdoor events
Animal walkabout act and other walkabout animal characters can quickly transform your event into a jungle
Perfect animal themed entertainment for zoos, theme parks, children’s parties, festivals, and many more!
This Walkabout Hippo is based in Amsterdam and available for bookings in the Netherlands and worldwide

Walkabout Animal: Hippo PHOTOS

If you thought the zoo was the only place where you could find wild animals, we can prove you wrong! This walkabout event Hippo can be found anywhere: strolling the streets of your city, looking for food in your garden or just seeking attention in any corner!

Extremely friendly, our walkabout animal character is guaranteed to quickly become the talking point at your event: its giant shape and big and contagious yawning never go unnoticed! A sweet hippo with a kind heart, this giant animal always makes friends with the littlest ones.

Especially loved by kids, this animal walkabout act will immediately win the hearts of animal lovers who won’t hesitate to follow him around to pose for a photo or share a cute moment with it. Moving slowly and clumsily just like a real hippo, our walkabout animal character can bring an authentic jungle vibe to your special occasion.

Interacting with your guests and behaving like a real wild animal, our sweet hippo’s playful performance will leave lasting memories! An interactive experience you can’t afford to miss, this mix and mingle entertainment option is suitable for people of all ages.

The ideal animal themed entertainment option for zoos, theme parks, children’s parties, festivals, and many more! Perfect for both indoor and outdoor occasions, this animal walkabout act can be adapted to different spaces.              

Top Tip:

You can transform your event into the jungle by booking these Walkabout Giraffes, Walkabout Ostriches and Walkabout Antelope.

Scarlett Entertainment offers a variety of animal themed entertainment for events and occasions in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and worldwide.

Book this sensational walkabout Hippo by contacting us today. Our dedicated team of Entertainment Experts will be more than happy to answer all the questions you may have about this mix and mingle entertainment option and assist you with your booking.

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