Stilt Divas - White Angels

White Angel Stilt Walkers

Magnificent 8ft all female white angel stilt walkers
Superb addition to weddings, Christmas celebrations and themed events
Different costumes available for different occasions
Superb photo opportunity and elegant addition to your event
Based in Melbourne and available for events all over the world

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The lavish and exquisite White Angel Stilt Walkers are the height of sophistication. These magnificent female stilt walkers come dressed in stunning white costumes complete with halos and beautifully handcrafted custom made 5 foot angel wings. The beautiful flowing white sheffon dresses and gold accessories makes the walkabout act truly angelic. 

The enchanting walkabout angels become the highlight of any event and visual focal point that will totally amaze the guests. Standing at a terrific 8 feet tall, the stilt walkers tower over the crowd and are an unmissable feature. Additional costumes are available with LED wings instead of the angel wings.

Highly sought after for weddings in and around Melbourne, the White Angel Stilt Walkers will roam around and mingle with the guests whilst becoming a superb photo opportunity for friends and family. Aside from wedding activities, the walkabout angels are a perfect booking to fit with Christmas or festive celebrations, white themed parties and any luxurious event or corporate function. 

Based in Australia, our stilt walkers are a collective of highly talented female entertainers who love to strut their stuff in a variety of themed costumes and make an impact at events whilst interacting with members of the crowd. The female stilt walkers come from backgrounds of dance, modelling, acting, gymnastics, circus and gymnastics so you’re guaranteed to have a professional and highly versatile walkabout act for your event.

Contact our Entertainment Coordinators if you would like to book this wonderful walkabout act for your event. 

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