Bambolea Producciones - White Circus Parade

White Circus Parade

Fully dressed in white, a versatile group of circus performers specialising in various disciplines will amaze guests at your event
Choose from various circus disciplines including juggling, stilt walking, acrobatics, hand balancing, unicycling, and more!
Circus artists can bring their own carriage: a stunning vintage hot air balloon adorned with twinkling LED lights
Suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces, this walkabout circus act is loved by people of all ages
Guaranteed to make heads turn wherever they go, this white circus parade will bring the magic of circus to events across the world!

White Circus Parade VIDEOS

This spectacular group of circus entertainers will bring the magic of circus everywhere they go! A multi-talented team of performers, this white-themed circus act will provide a unique and sophisticated touch to any special occasion!

Multi-talented group of circus entertainers 

This versatile group of performers is formed by circus artists specialising in different disciplines. From juggling and stilt walking to acrobatics and hand balancing, our skilled performers can perform a wide range of circus routines and cause jaws to drop with their talent. 

Fully dressed in white, they will roam around your venue or stroll the streets of your city dancing, performing mind-blowing tricks and interacting with your guests or passersby. 

You can book this sensational circus parade with a vintage hot air balloon carriage adorned with twinkling LED lights. Ideal for Christmas events, festivals and themed parties, our white circus act is a popular choice for evening events. 

Suitable for indoor and outdoor events 

Able to adapt to both indoor and outdoor performance spaces, our interactive circus act is perfect for events of all sorts and size. Loved by little ones and adults alike, this white parade is the go-to option for big family events, shopping malls, Reyes parades, and more!

Offering various lineup options, you can book as many circus performers as you need. They will be more than happy to adapt their routines especially for your event and offer various customisation options including photo opportunities. 

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