Big Virtual Quiz

Big Virtual Quiz

Spread some community spirit with a healthy dose of competition with this fun virtual quiz that is customised just for you!
Featuring a fun host, a range of questions and polling software to make your guests feel completely immersed in this interactive and engaging event
With rounds such as music, films and picture rounds, there is something for everyone and questions can be tailored to adult or family audiences
This quiz can be tailored to you, with branding, shout-outs and company in-jokes to keep your guests entertained
This is the perfect option for virtual parties, team building activities and online corporate events

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1. How does it work?

This fun and highly engaging virtual quiz can be a live-streamed experience a video conferencing platform. Guests will be welcomed into the virtual space by our charming host who will be your quizmaster. If competing in teams, they will need to go into their break out rooms at moments throughout the quiz. Here each team captain will share their screen with their teammates. Alternatively, each household can compete individually. The recommended format varies depending on group size and which virtual platform you are using. 

When using our smart polling software, answers are entered digitally, either in teams' break out rooms or individually in the main room. You can choose whether answers are shown after each question or at the end of each round. Rounds can include music questions, picture rounds and 'who said it rounds'. We are happy to work with you to tailor questions to have 'in' jokes and questions that only your staff would know!

2. How long is each session?

Each virtual challenge is approximately 60 minutes

3. Do guests need anything to be able to participate? 

Guests will need a strong wifi connection and a device to watch the host on. To submit answers, either all guests or just team captains will also need our custom quiz portal open in a separate browser window or an additional device such as a mobile or tablet. Regardless of whether answering directly or working in teams, all participants get to view the question and answer graphics. As a host, you'll need an account with a video conferencing platform suitable for your chosen number of guests and with breakout room capabilities.

4. Is this customisable? 

You can create up to 20 bespoke questions, with the remainder tailored for either adult or family audiences. Logos and/or branding can be featured on the welcome page and the holding pages between rounds. You can even choose a photographic backdrop that displays behind questions. We can offer you a range of hosts to give and tailor the experience to your event goals and audience. From fun characters to comedy comperes, drag queens and celebrity hosts, your event will be as individual as you are!