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Chris Bertish - Inspirational Speaker and Sustainability Champion

Chris Bertish

Sharing his mantra Dream it. See it. Believe it. Achieve it, inspirational keynote speaker Chris will leave event guests feeling motivated
Former winner of Mavericks Big Wave Invitational and the first person to singlehandedly cross the Atlantic Ocean on a Stand Up Paddleboard.
Ambassador for the World View Climate Change Parks, Operation Smile, 2Oceans Aquarium and Conservation International
Chris is the perfect keynote speaker for motivational corporate events and sustainability or environmental focussed events
Chris is available for both in-person appearances and to present keynote speeches at virtual events

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With a mantra of 'Dream it. See it. Believe it. Achieve it' Chris has redefined the way he views success. By following this mantra he has achieved incredible results in multiple sports and it has led him to become a respected Author, Filmmaker and Businessman.

Chris first hit headlines in 2010, when he won the California, Mavericks Big Wave Invitational, one of the worlds biggest surfing competitions. Born in Kenilworth, Cape Town, Chris found a way to travel across the world and outperform professional athletes to forever change the face of big-wave surfing.

In March 2017, Chris completed his most daring challenge to date and redefined the concept of the Extreme Adventure by becoming the first person to singlehandedly cross the Atlantic Ocean on a Stand Up Paddleboard. This endeavour took over 93 days as Chris paddled solo and unassisted, from Morocco, Africa to Antigua in the Caribbean. Upon its completion, Chris had accomplished something that many perceived to be impossible and showed the world that everyone has the power to overcome any challenge. As incredible as this story already is, what is perhaps even more inspirational is not the actions of Chris himself but his reasons for doing it. Through this adventure, Chris supported the charities the Lunchbox Fund and Operation Smile and helped 1000 children with cleft palates receive the life-changing surgery they needed to allow them to have a better future

Chris continues to use his amazing adventures to support charities in humanitarian, educational, sustainability and environmental causes. As an ambassador for the World View Climate Change Parks, Operation Smile, 2Oceans Aquarium and Conservation International, Chris supports many causes globally. Chris annually plants multiple forests through his business, to offset his own carbon footprint and to set an important example to others to be the change that we wish to see in the world. 

Chris's philosophy focuses on positive change. Starting with addressing our own attitude and actions we can make a positive difference to others and the environment around us. This is a message that Chris reinforces in all of his talks and public appearances. An inspirational speaker Chris aims to educate and motivate audiences by sharing his incredible experiences, leaving your audience members energised and inspired to adopt a 'can-do' attitude. Chris is also able to adapt and personalise any of his keynotes to coincide with your company values, mission or to reflect a particular message 

Chris is available for both in-person and virtual events and his keynotes can focus on themes of motivation, change, resilience, innovation, establishing a positive mindset and sustainability. 

" When Chris came to JPL to give a talk, I was not prepared for the level of determination, passion, intelligence, and insight Chris was able to convey about his life, undertakings, and crazy beyond-the-pale adventure accomplishments. Here at JPL we “Dare Mighty Things” in space exploration, and I could see how Chris’ story was resonating with the audience. Going beyond the extraordinary for the benefit of others, and humanity – that’s what we both are doing. His incredibly inspiring talk stuck deeply in my mind and motivated me to: get back into fitness, take on intentional nutrition for health rather than just pleasure, re-engage in the practices that put my feet and mind back on the ground so I can be present and in the moment by moment excellence of our human experience (My wife and family thank him). I take my hat off to Chris and thank him for the gift of his boggling and articulate story of how far beyond the place where we usually stop in life, we really can go. "


" Chris is an amazing human!! Hearing how he maintained his positivity and mental health through his incredible voyage is amazingly inspirational. His talk was very timely; reminding us of the essential elements and tools required to maintain a positive outlook during these trying times. Chris's authentic delivery and positive energy left our team uplifted and inspired! "

Katrina Tempero – Google

" If you're looking for a motivational speaker to capture every last bit of your attention from beginning to end, Chris delivers a uniquely stand-out engaging narrative. He invited listeners along his journey (and wow what a journey he's had!) to vicariously experience how he epicly surmounted countless challenges through his resilience and unfailing positivity. I felt like I was right there in the water, learning to surf the waves of change and uncertainty along with him. He backed up his motivational talk with action - he's one who totally walks the talk, and motivates his listeners to boldly do just the same. His guidance on bringing balance into his life resonated deeply with me, teaching me that you can calm your mind and your fears to create effective equilibrium when perhaps feeling paralyzed by fear. He's an expert on shifting his comfort zone, and it's clear through his public speaking that he is right in his comfort zone. He teaches on finding your greatest potential, and coming from such a legend as Chris, I was left feeling empowered to evaluate where in my life I could more intentionally "dial it up" and follow my passions. If there's ever an attitude for gratitude that should be shared on a big stage (or virtual event), then Chris' story is one for the records "

Kelly Cowden- Salesforce (Virtual event to 60 000 guests globally)

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