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LED Piano Show Germany

Completely unique LED piano creates an exquisitely delightful LED music show your guests will not forget
Incredible LED instrument is made of transparent acrylic and features 1780 software-controlled LED lights
Pianist can be accompanied by a violin player and they perform specially composed pieces of music
With its own in-built sound system, the fully independent piano can be played indoors or outdoors
Based in Stuttgart, Germany and the piano or piano show is available for events throughout Europe

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Offering your guests a truly delightful spectacle of sound and light, our LED Piano Show Germany will never fails to amaze. It is an exquisite and innovative live music performance that is totally unique therefore leaving a long lasting impression on your guests.  

The LED Piano Show Germany is possible thanks to a magnificent custom made instrument. The stunning transparent acrylic glass LED piano is equipped with 1780 software-controlled LED pixels with multiple settings depending on the kind of light show you would like it to produce. The incredible LED piano has 88 keys and just as many rows of lights. The lid of the instrument is coated to make it reflect the lights from within, like a mirror. It can be performed with the lid closed and the lights still shine through, just more subtly.

This ingeniously innovative live music option turns a regular piano performance into a LED music show. The LED Piano Show Germany is great at any event either indoors or outdoors where the light is a bit dim or if it can be turned right down. The LED piano has a sophisticated internal sound system and can therefore be played independently without additional amplification.

The LED Piano Show provides an innovative live music performance with specifically composed pieces of music. The songs and accompaniments are designed to maximise the output of the LED lights. This LED music show can be turned into a duo with the addition of an LED violinist.

Top Tip:
The LED Piano is available to hire on its own for your own pianist to play on or for your guests to have fun with.

Contact us to book the LED Piano or the LED music show for your event. 


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