The Musketeers Project - Teambuilding Seminar

Musketeers Activity

Immersive teambuilding experience that has participants put themselves in the shoes of an apprentice musketeer who learn to develop different skills
A three-day teambuilding seminar that will encourage participants to communicate and explore their own emotions. 40 participants maximum
Depending on your needs, tasks differ. New teams focus on the foundation of their values, existing teams on the improvement of communication
Team bonding experience narrative thread is based on emotional intelligence and includes different problem-solving activities
Participants will immerse in a unique adventure that takes place in Lupiac, well known for being the birthplace of D’Artagnan

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" Our whole experience with the team was immersive. From the briefing and co-scripting of the actual scenario, we were in a different world. No more paperboards and sterile rooms but learning by experience. Several weeks later the team is still learning and has continued to work on its newly discovered strengths. I would recommend this teambuilding to any new team needing to create bonds or existing organizations who are looking to evolve and grow stronger "

Nicolas Gondouin - Head of Airbus Training Centre Europe



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