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New Orleans Jazz

Explosive mixture of traditional jazz, served with humour & dynamism
Perform swing music played in the tradition of Louisiana's 20s & 30s
High energy and toe tapping Jazz band- designed for dancing
Popular with corporate functions, 20s themed events, private parties
Based in Lyon, France & available to perform at events worldwide

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This group are a traditional New Orleans Jazz-band featuring a washboard.  An explosive mixture of traditional jazz, served with wit, humour and dynamism the band are a combination of minds creating amazing interpretations of the most respected of repertoires: Sidney Bechet, Louis Armstrong, Jelly "Roll" Morton and Co...

The band is five jovial, warm-hearted musicians, close to their audience to whom they offer swing music played in the tradition of Louisiana's 20s and 30s: this good old New Orleans Jazz to which crowds used to dance on both sides of the Mississippi River...

The New Orleans Jazz band creates its own musical atmosphere and is able to explode with swing as well as to travel down in time to play a melancholy, lazy ballad. With the experience of playing in many festivals (Coutouvre, Jazz au Fil du Cher, Tournée en Queyras, en Loire Atlantique, Jazz dans le bocage 2006-2008, Nuit du Jazz de Charly, International Jazz Parade de Lyon 2005-2007, Roanne Table Ouverte 2005-2007...) and all the advantages of acoustic music, the interpretation is professional and the emotion you can feel is the token of the complicity of the musicians. 

This New Orleans Jazz-band can entertain your receptions, dinners, weddings, cocktails, birthday parties, seminars, conferences, works councils, parades, Christmas markets, private shows and more.  If you like to dance they can play Stomp, Charleston, Madison… everything that swings!

If it is a themed entertainment your after the band can relive the authentic atmosphere of New Orleans in the 20s thanks to the musicians wearing borsalino or bowler hats, black trousers and braces, smart yet bright ties, traditional two-tone shoes, and playing the traditional repertoire of the Jazz-bands of old, the famous “Hello Dolly”, “Oh, When the Saints”, “Dans les Rues d’Antibes”, “Petite Fleur” etc.

The group plays acoustic and seldom needs sound systems! The band can stroll from one place to another - from table to table during a meal’s animation, for instance.  They can always adapt to the clients specifications and can play anywhere in France.

  • Christian BEDOY
  • Grégoire BOYADJIAN
  • Jean-Paul BRIFFAUX
  • Sébastien CHETAIL
  • Jean CORS
  • Michel DEVINANT
  • Frédéric "Papy" ESPINOUX
  • Richard FOUCHER
  • Lionel GRIVET
  • Philippe KOURY
  • Denis LIMONNE
  • Brian MILLER
  • Jean-Marc "Chapeau" MONNEZ
  • Nicolas ROBIN
  • Nicolas TAITE
  • John ZIDI...
  • Peformed with the following Musicians:
  • Guillaume BOUDOU
  • Marie-Claire BOYADJIAN
  • Bruno "Banjo" BRAU
  • Jean-Pierre CABLE
  • André CORNELLI
  • Maurice DEMANGE
  • Christophe DUCHAMP
  • Fabrice EULRY
  • Georges GIUDICE
  • Daniel HUCK
  • Henri LEMAIRE
  • Guy MARTIN
  • Mississippi Showboat
  • Jérôme NICOLAS
  • Paddy SHERLOCK
  • Jeff "Colonel" TRONELLE
  • Amélie-les-Crayons

" The New Orleans sound of Lyon! "

Jazz et Gastronomie

" The light, bright swing of the New Orleans Jazz Band is offered by five jolly fellows... "

La Montagne

" For the elders, a Fountain of Youth and the satisfaction of having passed the torch of Art... "

Jazz Dixie-Swing

" Kind, cheerful, burning with enthusiasm, they are pleasure to see: borsalino hats, black trousers and braces, white shirt, smart ties, traditional two-tone shoes. Impeccable! The exhilarating washboard soli are tinted with an intense sense of swing and humour... "

Jazz Dixie-Swing

" To brighten up a dull afternoon, go see the New Orleans Jazz Band! "

Le Dauphiné Libéré


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