Luminous art-performances - Human Tables

Roaming Human Tables

Strolling tables can offer drinks, snacks and a friendly chat to guests
Can personalise their costumes so they fit with your event’s theme
Ideal for weddings, corporate events and themed parties
Have worked for Boscolo, Grandior and Mariott Hotels in Prague
Available for performances in the Czech Republic and wordlwide

Roaming Human Tables PHOTOS

Provide a personal touch to your event with these original and elegant Roaming Human Tables. Suitable for weddings, exhibitions and themed parties, these eloquent and friendly hostesses will be always willing to provide any drinks to your guests, offer them some snacks or simply have a nice chat with anybody who is about.

These strolling tables can speak several languages including English, French and German, to name a few. This ease of communication makes them suitable for events at global level as they can also speak any European or Asian language on request. 

Stationed at the entrance of your event’s venue, they can offer a warm welcome to guests always wearing an ear-to-ear smile. One up to three roaming tables can be booked depending on your venue’s size and requirements. Our friendly table hostesses are used to work both indoors and outdoors, weather permitting. So whether you’d like them to host a fancy afternoon garden party or a themed party indoors, we can make it happen for you!

Our creative Roaming Human Tables can adapt their costume designs so they fit with your event’s theme. As you can check in the images above, some of their most popular costumes include the so called “Lady Fourchette”, although they can dress up as Hollywood’s Golden Era actresses like Marilyn Monroe, Bavarian beer girls or wear their Santa Claus outfits for Christmas parties.  They’re always happy to discuss customisation options regarding clothing for each individual occasion.

This bespoke roaming act has already delighted guests at events held in numerous luxury venues in Prague including Boscolo, Grandior and Marriot hotels. Other clients such as Rudolp kulp and AbbVie have also relied on them to entertain guests and make their parties an occasion to be remembered.

If you think our Roaming Human Tables can be the perfect hostesses for your event, do not hesitate and get in touch with Scarlett Entertainment specialists. Our in-house team of entertainment specialists will be happy to discuss further details on this act. 

  • Boscolo hotel Prague
  • Grandhotel Pupp
  • Mariott Hotel Prague
  • The Hybernia theatre Prague
  • Abbvie
  • Grandior hotel Prague
  • Rudolf Kämpf
  • BPR Sychrov

" The lady was perfect in every moment. She never stopped smiling and was extremely polite and friendly. Her costume was elegant and classy. We had the feeling she was simply the best part of our event. Cannot wait to see you next time, working with you was just perfect "

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