Truth or Bluff Festive Edition

Truth or Bluff Festive Edition

This virtual game show has been given a festive twist for the holiday season, where guests take the spotlight to be crowned the best bluffer
Contestants will nominate themselves to be quizzed on their “secret truth” by their colleagues as guests search for the truth!
This fast-paced virtual game will have you learning fun festive facts about your colleagues that you never knew
Who starred in a pantomime? Who won a mince pie eating contest? Find out hidden facts then vote whether they are true or false
Truth or Bluff is the perfect virtual game for a unique and team-building experience

Truth or Bluff Festive Edition VIDEOS


1. How does this virtual game work?

This is a live virtual game show experience using Zoom. Your quiz host will welcome guests into the virtual space and lead them through the Truth or Bluff game. 

Prior to the event, guests will be asked to submit a 'secret truth' questionnaire. Guests can nominate themselves to be contestants that are happy to be quizzed on the event and to try and win the title of best bluffer. Once in the spotlight contestants will be questioned by guests with the aim to conceal the truth. After their time is up guests will vote on whether they believe the contestant to be telling the truth or a bluff on or polling software. 

2. How long is each session?

Each virtual Truth or Bluff game is 60 minutes.

3. Do guests need anything to be able to participate? 

To be able to participate guests will need a strong internet connection and a device to watch the host on. To submit their answers in the truth or bluff poll they will nee a smartphone to submit answers. This game is browser based and requires no software to be downloaded. 

Instructions on how to play will be explained by your host at the start of your event. 

4. Is this customisable? 

This game is created specifically for you based on the questionnaires submitted by guests prior to the event. Once these are received our in house production team works to create a completely custom game show experience for your company. 

" Bringing further fun and childlike happiness to our colleagues while we continue to work remotely, the next instalment of our virtual quizzing with Scarlett Entertainment saw us enjoying several rounds of Truth or Bluff. Having to guess between an unfortunate sleep walking incident, a surprise jewellery find and a pantomime villain our colleagues had us baffled! "


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