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The award-winning Crucial Fx team delivers state of the art AR live streaming solutions for high calibre virtual presentations
Specialising in show-stopping interactive content for brands and live events, they deliver this incredible customised technology to live-streaming
Using real-time graphics and virtual 3D sets, your host, speaker or presenter is immersed in a customised environment tailored to your needs
From video conferences to product launches, they build a virtual auditorium and even a virtual lobby with chat rooms prior to the event starting
Chose from a set-up as seen in the promo below or a fully customised virtual package tailored to your preferences

Virtual AR Studio VIDEOS

Virtual AR Studio PHOTOS

This studio offers complete flexibility, can record in any location worldwide, and bring in multiple presenters live or pre-recorded seamlessly. Hosts don't all have to be in the same studio: some can be at home, others can be in a studio, others can be in an office or on a video call.

They can continue to tweak and amend content right up until the live stream. All of the content does not need to be ready at the time of pre-recorded filming. Presenters can be placed into multiple different environments from the same presentation footage; there's no need to re-record it. 

Some of their green screen setups can fit into a living room. If you have a big product e.g. a car, they can easily use a large green screen rather than the additional cost of finding a stage big enough to fit it.

There are no issues with calibration or line up of content; this is all done virtually. The artist's flexibility allows people to record at a time and location that suits them.

Often green screen can offer better and more flexibility for content design, virtual camera placement and holographic/augmented effects. They use the highest possible resolution of all graphics, which is not dependent on LED screen resolution. 



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