Virtual Art Attack

Virtual Art Attack

Join our talented painter and watch him bring art to life with an incredible speed paint performance
Our talented artist can customise the painting to suit your virtual event theme and audience
After the performance, our host will lead guests through an interactive virtual art themed quiz
The virtual quiz uses clever software where guests can play along using their phone, tablet or computer.
For a wow factor add-on option, the guest who gets the most answers correct can receive the art piece that our painter produced.


1. What can I expect from this virtual experience?

This is an interactive online event experience hosted over Zoom (although other video conferencing platforms will also be considered). Guests will be welcomed to the online event by our live-streamed host, who will give the audience a run-down of what to expect before introducing our highly acclaimed, high-speed performance artist for a whirlwind pre-recorded speed painting created specifically for your event! During the virtual quiz section of the event, guests can play to win this incredible piece of artwork. After the incredible speed-painting performance, it's back to the live host for a fun art-based quiz that relies less on the audiences knowledge of the art and more on their powers of deduction. Our quiz can include a fun picture round, video clip round, trivia round and longer games can even include a Tableau Challenge where guests have the opportunity to dress up and recreate a famous painting

 2. Can this experience be customised?

Absolutely! In particular, the speed-painting part of event is created just for you. This means we can very easily incorporate different themes, colours or logos into the painting, and the subject of the portrait can even be chosen by you in advance.

3. How long is this virtual event experience?

This virtual experience lasts between 45 - 60 minutes depending on your event schedule and requirements and includes a 5 - 10 minute pre-recorded, speed painting video created just for you!



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