Virtual Detective Challenge

Virtual Detective Challenge

Get ready for highly interactive, multi-player fast-paced virtual crime investigation adventures with compelling storylines
Based on real-life cold cases and classic detective stories promising an online experience full of intrigue, mystery and hilarity
Strategise your teams to complete the most missions and earn the most points in themed scavenger hunts
Live online activities expertly devised and moderated by industry professionals with over 15 years' of experience creating mind-boggling moments
Intriguing virtual entertainment ideal for up to 500 players, tense and engaging fun for corporate and private parties regardless of location

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Choose from three gaming scenarios:

Cybercrime 1 - You and your skilled team have just been recruited to solve a high-profile murder investigation, loosely based-off actual FBI cold cases. Take notes, study clues, and live chat with fellow detectives and our host/moderator. Just be warned… criminals are among your number, so. Trust NO ONE, and whatever you do…do not answer the door!

Cybercrime 2 - Key pieces of evidence have been destroyed moments before trial, and a Federal Judge ready to dismiss this case. Luckily, the crime scene has been preserved perfectly and rendered in 360º high definition. You and your team of investigators will scour the crime scene, collaborate via video chat, and work directly with the District Attorney. Be quick; you only have 45 minutes to collect the evidence, solve the case, and submit your finds to the court before the judge bangs their gavel and declares you are out! Players are divided into teams, each having access and manoeuvrability around the crime scene. 

Virtual Team Scavenger Hunt - Working as a team must try and complete as many missions as possible – missions are worth points. Tasks can be anything from math or word puzzles and trivia to photo/video challenges where you have to scavenge, create, sing, dance or play. Missions are worth different point levels. When a mission is completed, the live host will judge it and determine its accuracy. If rejected, the mission and its points will be deleted, and your team will receive a notification on the gaming app. Your group can then attempt the task again and resubmit. Easy tasks are worth 200 points, medium 400 points, hard 600 points and difficult missions 1,000 points. Each mission can only be completed by one team member once per team. A strategy is vital: develop a game plan to tackle as many assignments as possible to gain the most points. Scroll through the tasks and decide which one you want to complete. Click it to read the full description. For puzzles, riddles and trivia, click "Enter Answer', then enter your answer and click 'Submit Evidence'. For photo or video submissions, click 'Update Evidence to revert to the gaming app camera. Once you have captured the photo or video you want to submit, click 'Submit Evidence'. The Virtual Scavenger Hunt can be themed. Choose from detective-style hunts to theatre-based missions, plus science-based tasks that are perfect for teenagers and making learning fun and exciting. There are also seasonal options plus military-based missions: ideal for entertaining armed forces personnel


1. What is the set-up?

The gaming session is hosted over Zoom via a secure website. The host/moderators are training is assist in game-related technical problems. If you need to discuss technical issues before the event, our hosts will be happy to talk to you. 

2. How long is each session?

The virtual show lasts for 60 minutes with 45 minutes of gameplay.

3. How many people can take part?

There can be a minimum of one player and a maximum of 500 for virtual sleuthing and groups of 20 to 200 for a scavenger hunt.

4. Do guests need anything to be able to participate?

Access to Zoom and a good, reliable internet connection. For the Virtual Team Scavenger Hunt you must have TWO different devices. One device (laptop or computer) for video conferencing and the second device (smartphone or tablet) for the gaming app. Be certain both devices are charged.

5. Is the show interactive?

The games are highly interactive. Players will be working together as a team and with our live actor/moderators to solve the mystery. Before ending the investigation, all participants will be distributed in an answer form. The Top Cyber Sleuth with the right answers, and the most incriminating details, will be awarded a bounty for their detective skills. Chatting among participates is encouraged, but remember to keep your keen insights to yourself, as there can only be one winner! 

6. How can this experience be customised?

We can use logos to customise the experience. 

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