Jay Jay Live - Virtual Event Host

Virtual Event Host

From Australia to Japan, the USA to India, Jay has established himself as an international entertainer and one of the most in-demand event hosts
Earned an incredible reputation owing to his experience and exceptional abilities as a magician, comedian, pickpocket and corporate event host
Impressed countless corporate clients including household names and his YouTube videos have over 30 million views making him instantly recognisable
Jay will go above and beyond to understand your virtual event needs, key messaging, company ethos and online engagement goals
Will instantly build a rapport with your online audience as his inspirational wisdom, genuine charisma and good-natured humour effortlessly exudes

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To book our Virtual Event Host contact our Entertainment Specialists, or to see more from our entertainer visit our Corporate MC & Entertainer, Corporate Magician and Corporate Pickpocket pages.

  • Audi
  • Google
  • Red Bull
  • Virgin
  • Sony
  • YouTube

" He was professional, reliable, super easy to work with and most importantly, entertaining! "

McDonalds, Australia

" His electrifying personality and ability to connect with anyone is second to none! "

Virgin, Australia

" We always love working with him as he always makes our events a success! "

YouTube, Australia