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Virtual Gatsby Dance Workshops

Turn your online guests into real movers and shakers with our virtual Gatsby dance workshop!
Led by a glamorous, costumed dancer your guests will learn authentic Charleston dance moves and be shimmying like a flapper by the end of the class
After a fun warm-up, our host will demonstrate a range of easy steps and your guests all be dancing a simple routine but the end of the workshop
Completely adaptable for all ages and dance abilities this is the ideal, inclusive option for any online event
A perfect energising activity for remote team building, online corporate events or virtual themed parties

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1. What can I expect from this virtual workshop?

This is a live-streamed event experience hosted over Zoom. Our host uses a single, static camera for the workshop and typically, live-streams from home. However, she does also offer the option of live-streaming from a professional studio or on location, depending on the event budget. Please let us know your preference when you enquire and we will quote accordingly.

After a short warm-up, our glamorous, 1920s dancer will lead guests through a selection of simple but authentic Charleston steps before demonstrating how they work together in a short routine. Your online guests will be shimmying like real flapper dancers by the end of the workshop!

2. How long is this virtual experience?

The length of this online dance workshop is adaptable to your event requirements, however, we recommend up to an hour for guests to get the most out of the experience. 

3. What do guests need to be able to participate?

Guests will need a device to watch the show on, with a camera and a strong internet connection. They will also need some comfortable clothing and a little bit of space so they have room to move and dance. As the host, you will also need access to a video conferencing platform suitable for your chosen number of guests. 

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