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Virtual Herbal Elixir Workshop

Learn new skills and recipes for revitalisation with our interactive, online wellbeing workshop
With a range of workshops available, guests can learn to make their own natural remedies to boost their immune system or reduce stress at the desk
Highly customisable they can be tailored to different seasons and cover most topics surrounding herbal medicine, wellbeing and self-care
Our expert hosts are trained medical herbalists and have appeared on BBC Countryfile and RHS Shows including Chelsea and Hampton Court Flower Shows
Perfect for reconnecting and refocussing remote teams, online private parties and virtual corporate events

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1. How is this virtual workshop presented?

Our Virtual Herbal Elixir Workshop is live-streamed over zoom or an alternative video-conferencing platform, for full interaction between our host and guests. Each workshop starts with an introduction from our trained medical herbalists including some notes on empowerment through self-care, and sensible cautions and safety advice. They then move on to the recipes, talking first about the tradition and science of each of the ingredients and how they can be used to boost health before progressing into mixing the recipe. Questions and comments are encouraged throughout the workshop to create a highly interactive and collaborative session.  

2. What will guests need to participate?
This workshop has multiple options to allow for audience participation. Guests can either be provided with a shopping list of easy to obtain ingredients prior to the event or our herbal experts can arrange for a small, herbal kit to be issued that includes all the ingredients needed to recreate the recipes in the workshops. Other than that they will just need a few common items from the kitchen to be able to mix along with our experts. Exactly what is required depends on the recipes being created but we will issue a full list for you to send to guests in plenty of time of the event. The only other equipment guests will need is a device to watch the workshop on and a strong wifi connection. As the host you will also need access to a suitable video conferencing platform for your chosen number of guests.

3. How long does the workshop last?

The length of the workshop varies depending on how many recipes you would like to create. Typically, they last between 30 - 90 minutes and always include a Q&A session with our hosts.

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