Virtual Crystal Maze

Virtual Maze Charity Challenge

Challenge your teams with this highly interactive online game that allows companies to give back to a charity of their choosing
Hosted on Zoom, teams have 90 minutes to run the maze through four different zones, collecting items for their chosen charity
Games can be fully hosted or guests can play amongst themselves with individual team sizes consisting of five to eight people
Fun, engaging and offering an unusual take on an online game, this challenge allows guests to see a tangible outcome as they help a deserving cause
This virtual challenge is a perfect way for remote teams to reengage with each other in a lively and fun environment

Virtual Maze Charity Challenge PHOTOS

Each maze level has a theme that your teams must beat. Challenge their general knowledge in the Game Show Zone; beat the robot invasion in the Future Zone; push their cerebral limits in the Grey Matter Zone before resetting, restoring and focusing in the Zen Zone.

Perfect for extended online happy hours or as part of a bigger online event, your guests can help a deserving cause and leave a lasting legacy.

Fully hosted options are available for groups of 50 to 150 people with each team consisting of five to eight people and run via breakout rooms. Unhosted events where teams play among themselves are available for groups of 50 to 500 people.

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