Virtual Poker

Virtual Poker Playing

Played via Zoom or MS Teams, this German and English speaking poker player can offer an intimate, fun and engaging experience for up to 8 players
With a two-camera set-up, fun picture and sound effects, guests will enjoy the thrills of the poker table from the comfort of their own space
Games can be for up to 15 guests - five teams of three players - per event with teams communicating via chat: great for players to engage and share
The online session last two hours and guest can drop in half an hour before to have a quick lesson or learn some neat poker tips and tricks
Perfect for corporate events and company games nights, this professional player and host creates a great environment for teams to relax and play

Virtual Poker Playing VIDEOS

Virtual Poker Playing PHOTOS

Perfect for smaller team get-togethers, our German poker player will offer teams of up to eight people and a fun and friendly poker session designed to lift spirits and encourage engagement. Our host has a two-camera set-up and guests will be able to see their own individual cards via a shared link. As our host uses real cards and chips with some additional sound and picture effects, guests will experience the intimacy of a real poker game. Ahead of the game, each guest will be sent a video link which they are advised to watch before the game. This will introduce to the host, show them how to lay and explain the virtual set-up. Guests can also join in 30 minutes before the game starts and ask the host questions and advice and even pick up a few poker tips and tricks. The day after the game the winner and group will be sent a photo of their game night: great for sharing on social media and a memento of the team experience



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