Chris Funk - Magician

Virtual TV Magician Chris Funk

Online event guests won't believe their eyes as our TV magician combines mystifying magic and mindblowing mentalism into an unmissable virtual show
Straight from some of TV's biggest shows including AGT and Penn & Teller: Fool Us and now live-streaming right into your virtual guest's homes
With 3 HD quality cameras and professional lighting, guests will get a close-up view of the action, making his sleight of hand even more impressive
Guests will feel completely involved as they submit comments and emojis that appear on the screen and the artist can respond to
Having performed over 100 virtual shows and with clients such as TMX and Google, Chris has perfected this online event experience

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1. What can I expect from this virtual experience?

This is a live-streamed and fully interactive experience that will elevate any online event, meeting or conference. Using 3 full HD quality cameras and streaming from a high-quality production studio guests will feel like they are in the room with Chris Funk! To get the most out of this experience we recommend that it is viewed using Streamyard and Youtube Live Unlisted, however, video conferencing platforms will be considered too. The show begins with an intro video showing our performer's amazing credentials before jumping straight into the hilarious and funny interactive magic! We don't want to give too much away, but it’s not a show full of card tricks. Guests can expect music and magic combined in the most unique ways, violin magic, mentalism and Chris can even teach guests how to perform a trick at home using objects from around the home!

2. Can this show be customised?

Absolutely, Chris Funk can adapt several of his tricks to include logos, videos, promo, brand names and and can even include significant dates that can be built into some of his show reveals!
3. Is this experience interactive?

Completely, the whole show is designed to be highly interactive and engaging. The audience can impulsively decide if they want to participate in one of the tricks by clicking a link that takes them 'backstage'. No need to raise your hand or to delay your participation, just click the link and you’re in the show! The online chat function is also available for guests throughout the event to submit comments, emojis and other fun items that the artist can react to.

4. What do guests need to participate?

All guests need is a laptop or device to watch the show on with a strong internet connection. If using Streamyard and Youtube Live Unlisted you will be issued a link to share with guests prior to the event, there's no need to download anything and guests can enjoy the show from any internet browser. Volunteers will need a webcam on their device to appear on screen! Streamyard provides an incredible entertainment experience, allows guests who want to take part in a trick to hop in and out of a virtual 'backstage area' as required and the audience can submit comments and emojis in real-time that appear on the screen and our artist can respond to. It’s the perfect platform for live-streamed event experiences!

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