Joze Piranian - Corporate Stand-up Comic

Corporate Comedian Joze

Delivering an inspiring message of resilience amongst a hilarious stand-up set Joze will keep guests laughing and engaged
Performing to sold-out shows around the world, Joze draws on his experience growing up with a stutter to create thought-provoking comedy sets
Available as a solo performer or alongside other comedians as a host, as shown in his popular "Sofa Laughs" online comedy show
With experience in both in-person and virtual events, he's perfect for corporate events, conferences or as an energiser for remote teams
This multi-lingual performer can deliver his motivational comedy act in up to three languages - Spanish, English and French

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Joze can also be booked as a motivational speaker - check out his profile here!

1. How does a Joze's virtual performance work?

Joze will live-stream his performance using Zoom or an alternative video conferencing platform. After a brief introduction by the event MC, Joze will jump straight into his corporate comedy routine.
2. Are the virtual shows customisable?

Absolutely! Prior to the performance, Joze will request information about the industry you and your guests are working in so that he can adapt some of his corporate comedy material with examples more relevant to guests day-to-day life.
3. Do guests need anything to be able to participate in the virtual show?

Guests will not require anything special to be able to take part. They'll just need a strong wifi connection and device to watch the performance on. Typically we ask that guests leave cameras on but mute microphones during the show. As the event host, you will just need to provide a suitable video conferencing platform and the login details for the event. 

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