Virtual Casino Experience

Virtual Casino Experience

Bring the thrill of Las Vegas to your living room with our Virtual Casino Experience!
This experience offers guests the chance to play a range of games throughout the event including Blackjack, Three-Card Poker or Texas Hold-em!
With this virtual experience you can entertain hundreds of guests at once across multiple breakout rooms!
A live host keeps guests chatting, engaged and having fun throughout the evening
Personalise your experience by adding your company logo, player names to the table and a custom backdrop using green-screen technology! 

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1. How does it work?
We recommend encouraging all your guests to arrive a few minutes early for a prompt start to the fun! They will gather in the virtual waiting room before being let into the main room lobby to socialise and chat amongst themselves. Your virtual host for the event will then welcome everyone, explain the running order and the rules for the games for anyone who may be unfamiliar. When everyone's ready guests will be whisked away to their breakout rooms, each with a dedicated Croupier Dealer! The dealer has a physical stack of chips against each player's digital name tag, he then goes around the table asking each guest what chips they want to gamble in their attempt to climb the leaderboard.
Our casino experience can include an interval between games allowing guest to refresh drinks and to socialise, chat or perhaps brag about their successes in the main lobby before returning to their assigned breakout rooms for more fun. Whilst playing, guests will stay in their assigned breakout rooms and the games are changed around them. 
When all the games have been played guests return to the main lobby once more to hear the final scores and our event host will announce the individual room winners and the overall chip winners!

2. How long is each experience?

This is completely customizable and really depends on how many games you would like to play, however, we would recommend between 1 - 2 hours 

3. How many people can take part?
The minimum number of guests required to play would be 5, however, the maximum depends on your choice of games and the number of breakout rooms you choose. Our virtual casino providers have up to 10 rooms available and can accommodate up to 15 guests per room for Roulette, 15 guests per room for Blackjack, Three-Card Poker and Craps and up to 10 per room for Texas Holdem.

4. Do guests need anything to be able to participate?
All guests will need is a strong internet connection and a device to connect to the call.

5.How can this experience be customised?
Yes! You can personalise your experience with custom backgrounds using virtual green screens and our Virtual Casino team can even customise the table with personalised player name tags and a logo of your choice!

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