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With a live croupier at each table and hosted over a video platform of your choice, this virtual casino is a great way to connect teams
Choose from a single table or entertain more guests at different tables set in multiple breakout rooms; tables can cater for seven to 10 guests
Croupiers will be on hand to explain how each game works and there is even an option to take a virtual masterclass to learn more
All guests will be given the same amount of chips at the start of the game: the team or individual with the most chips wins
Virtual game options include roulette, blackjack, dice, three card poker, casino stud poker, and Texas hold 'em - perfect for remote Zoom parties

Virtual Casino Games PHOTOS

This virtual casino has a dedicated studio space set up. They suggest bringing in an AV company for high-quality filming and moving to an area in the same building. Tables are filmed using various Logitech Webcams (including StreamCam, C922's, C920's and C930's). Webcam quality is based on showing via Zoom. Our artist has worked with a nearby AV company before or is happy to work with any Production company. They use two cameras on virtual blackjack, virtual three-card poker and Craps tables:  an overhead table image and a dealer cam. It is three cameras with an overhead table image, dealer cam, and a camera for the roulette wheel.

Events last for up to two hours, but can extend longer as required. A croupier hosts the game at each virtual casino table - 10 guests or screens can participate at each table. Each player receives a starting amount of chips (usually 1,000 in chips). The croupier asks the players what they would like to bet and places them from their player stacks set at the table. The casino has created bespoke cloths for their blackjack and three-card poker tables. These all are numbered from one-10 so guests can easily see their playing position; they can also add player name tags to their playing positions. On roulette, players are given individual coloured chips; again, they can add player name tags to the coloured chips. Players play the game for the allocated period. Top winners can be worked out from each game and/or an overall casino winner.

Currently, the casino has only been using Zoom but they are happy to use a different platform if requested. There is a technician to assist with any problems, and depending on the number of virtual casino tables taken, this number may increase. The casino is happy to set up a meeting session to showcase their casino games from our studio location

The artist suggests a minimum number of five guests and their virtual studio is currently set up for up to 60 guests to play simultaneously. Guests just need a suitable connection to log into the platform whether Zoom or a different platform via a tablet, computer or phone



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