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Virtual Horse Race

Epic and action-packed, our virtual horse racing events are guaranteed to exhilarate online audiences, sports fans and equestrians!
With exciting odds, a combination of virtual and real-life footage and an enthusiastic race host, this online activity is designed to thrill
Customise race names and racing tables with company logos and corporate branding if desired and choose from a selection of racecourse backgrounds
Interactive virtual experience can be hosted on popular video conferencing platforms such as Zoom and accommodate up to 15 online guests
The perfect activity for an online fundraising event as players can choose to donate their virtual casino chips to a chosen club or charity

Virtual Horse Race VIDEOS

Virtual Horse Race PHOTOS

1. How does it work?
This is an interactive, live-streamed experience led by our professional hosts and includes pre-recorded visuals of real horse racing. On the night our host will teach guests how to bet on the races before the real fun begins!  Throughout the event, our host will be keeping track of which participant is winning the most chips by betting on the races in order to reveal this at the end of the night.

As the host you are more than welcome to offer a prize for the top winner at the end of the night, however, this is not essential, we have found that just the thrill of our virtual race events bring out the competitive side of online guests and they love playing for the pride of winning!

This experience is fantastic fun on its own or can be combined with our Virtual Casino Experience for a full evening of entertainment 

 2. How long is each experience?

This is completely customizable, however, we would recommend between 1 - 2 hours 

3. How many people can take part?
Each of the race tables can accommodate up to 15 online guests, however, our hosts can offer multiple tables and can accommodate up to 400 guests

4. Do guests need anything to be able to participate?
All guests will need is a strong internet connection and a device to connect to the call.

5.How can this experience be customised?
Yes! You can personalise your experience by adding your logo to the race tables and we can also add the name of each guest 



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