Virtual Magician

Virtual Magician David

An award-winning stage magician is now available to host a virtual magic experience for you and your guests
Liven up your online meetings with a quick opening magic show to get the day moving or try a 60-minute performance - perfect for virtual happy hours
Interactive and engaging, guests will get to be part of the show and even find they can perform some tricks at home
Shows can be customised to contain messages for your employees or clients, adding that special touch when connecting to remote teams
David can act as both host and magician: why not make him part of a larger online event to create a seamless entertainment experience

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1. Please describe your Virtual Show

Following a 10 minute introduction that includes a brief chat about getting the most of your stream experience, David calls on a volunteer for his first trick.

This is followed by a fun chat about how David became involved in magic, before he demonstrates to three guests how he can predict the volunteers' answers.

Next, all of the guests participate using the chat function for David's entertaining version of the 'street game' Three Card Monte.

Selecting another guest, David completes a silent routine with a surprise ending this is followed by another trick using all members of the online audience.

More magic ensues with five audience members to demonstrate 'Magic Moments' using time with a surprise ending.

The final 10 minutes see magician David teach a guest a trick, concluding the performance by delivering a message using magic. This message can be customized to fit the client's event and desired results.

2. How can this experience be customised?

The first way the experience can be customized is the length of the performance. It can be as short as needed and as long as 60 minutes. The show's message of the performance can be themed to get the desired results: Motivation, Employee Satisfaction, Client Appreciation. Typically one week is required to customize an event.

3. Can the show be pre-recorded?

Yes, David offers both a pre-recorded video and a live-streamed show. David can record a customized video for your company. The video will include magic but more importantly, a message to your employees or clients. It is the perfect way to set you apart from your competitors. Since the virtual magic show is based on interaction, a pre-recorded show is limited to 25 minutes. David requires three days to create a pre-recorded video.

4. Where is your show set up?

The virtual show is filmed at our artist's home. David has an assistant that works behind the scenes for the show. The assistant will troubleshoot if any issues arise during the performance.

5. Is the show interactive?

The performance is very interactive. David uses volunteers throughout the performance to assist with his routines. There is also a portion of the show where the magic happens in the audience's hands. The way the interaction happens varies depending on the streaming platform used. David frequently uses the chat function to interact with the audience as well.

6. What platform do you prefer to use for your Virtual Show?

The show works best in Zoom. David has also used YouTube Live as well as social media live to stream the show for clients.

7. How long is your virtual show?

The virtual experience can be tailored to fit the client's needs. David has performed online shows as short as five minutes and as long as 60 minutes.

8. Do guests need anything to be able to participate?

Guests do not need anything to participate. However, for the longer show, a deck of cards is suggested. These will be used later in the show with a trick that happens in the guest's hands with their deck of cards. This portion can be taken out of the show if cards are not available.

9. Is there a minimum and a maximum number of attendees that can take part in the show?

There is no minimum or maximum number of attendees. If needed, David has a Zoom account that can accommodate 1,000 devices.



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