Pierogi & More - Virtual Polish Dumpling Workshop

Virtual Polish Dumpling Class

Learn how to cook traditional, delicious Polish dumplings in our virtual Polish cooking class hosted by a professional chef based in Warsaw
Discover how to knead the dough, create tasty fillings, fill and crimp the dumplings with ease in this live-streamed online cooking class
Using simple and moreish ingredients, our talented chef will guide guests in real-time as they uncover the true taste of traditional Polish dishes
Recipes can be adapted to suit specific dietary requirements and preferences, and our chef can challenge guests to a creative dumpling contest!
Perfect for remote team-building workshops, virtual Christmas parties, Polish national holidays and celebrating international cuisines

Virtual Polish Dumpling Class PHOTOS

1. What can I expect from the Virtual Polish Dumpling Class?

Discover how to create delicious dumplings inspired by traditional Polish recipes. Online guests will learn how to make the dumplings dough with flour, hot water, vegetable oil and salt. Participants will knead the dough and then practice rolling it out. Later, guests will cut out shapes and learn various folding techniques. Our chef will discuss the most popular filling types and give tips to season them to perfection. During the class, participants will discover hacks that make dumplings easy to make and really tasty. At the end of the cooking class, the participants will cook dumplings and, last but not least, they will enjoy a plate full of delicious dumplings! 

2. How long is the online cooking class?

Approximately, 90-120 minutes from start to finish including tasting.

3. Is this a live experience or pre-recorded?

This is a live-streamed experience hosted by a professional chef based in Warsaw, Poland. However, our chef can pre-record material if necessary, please get in touch for more information.

4. What is the set-up?

Live-streamed via Zoom, Teams or Skype from our chef's professional home studio.

5. What do guests need to take part?

Complete ingredients lists and utensils lists will be delivered to participants ahead of time. Please note that participants will need to do some cooking and preparation shortly before the class starts.

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