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Online Fashion-Themed Drawing

Our fabulous Haute couture themed performance duo has teamed up with a professional artist for some stunning life drawing experience
They usually host immersive high Fashion and performative Cabaret themed life drawing classes and immersive art events in London
Will offer a range of tailored options and techniques including drawing techniques and expressive mark-making, to charcoal and oil painting
All levels of artist are welcome to tune in, whether you're a total beginner or want help with a personal project, its completely your choice
Available through any social media platform of your choice, Facetime messenger or Skype or any platform to suit your preferences

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Discover your inner artist with this incredible live model drawing course with a professional artist and up to two models.

Themes include 60s and 70s Funk based on the work of designer Franz Maggs; British fashion by designer Joey Bevan; Alice in Wonderland; Fashion Contortion, Halloween.

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